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There are more and more people and families choosing to rent a house and make it their home. In this way, they are meeting their obligations and enjoying their rights as renters.

We would like to suggest to our owners a few recommendations before renting a property:

Be advised by a professional

Let him inform you before signing a contract, with all its clauses, taking into account the Law of Urban Leases.

The professional or real estate agency will offer the property to its clients in portfolio, will advertise it in real estate portals, social networks and magazine in the area.

Giving truthful information so that the possible interested know from the beginning the characteristics of the property and the conditions offered.

At first it can be an initial cost but in the long run it has a number of advantages that will avoid problems.

They will tell you the closing price of other properties similar to consider before determining the most suitable price for yours.

Both of you will check that the property complies with the criteria of habitability and the necessary documentation to be rented, thus avoiding subsequent surprises for owner and tenant.

It is essential to make a good inventory with photographs of the house and the garden if any, showing the state in which it is delivered.

Careful renter selection

Our long experience makes us check several aspects before considering a tenant for your property:

  1. We may want to rent the house to a certain profile: couple without children, families, students, people without animals, etc. It is interesting to define the profile that we would like to inhabit our house.
  2. The renter’s job stability will give us greater guarantees of payment.
  3. We can ask the potential renter for references of the last property he/she has been in, if he/she allows us to do it.
  4. And what is fundamental; that the renter transmits confidence and seriousness.

Ask for additional guarantees

We recommend asking for additional guarantees in addition to the bond to cover a possible non-payment. In Catalonia if we ask for 2 months in total (1 legal deposit + 1 additional guarantee) the Generalitat of Catalonia offers us the Avalloguer, a guarantee that in case of non-payment, would compensate us with 3 months of the rents of the rent that could be pending payment.

Take out a Non-Payment Insurance

Covering non-payment of rent, compensation for vandalism or deterioration of the property and coverage of attorney’s fees.  

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